Free Doctor And Medical Games

  • Doctor Ku
    Doctor Ku

    Doctor Ku is a little crazy. He is in the kitchen and is trying to prepare a magical potion for his patients. You are in danger, push on the objects and try to escape.

  • Doctor Joe
    Doctor Joe

    Doctor Joe is a veterinarian and his job is to take kare of the animals on his particular cabinet. You have to get pills to animals and do a treatment to put them back on their feet.

  • Virtual Knee Surgery
    Virtual Knee Surgery

    In this doctor game you will learn how to treat a patient with knee problem. The surgery is virtual so your patient won't feel any pain. Follow the instructions of the game and do the surgery.

  • Emergency Hospital
    Emergency Hospital

    You are a doctor on the emergency hospital and you have to receive all the emergencies that come to the hospital. If you are passionate about medicine you will like this educational game.

  • Express Ambulance
    Express Ambulance

    You are an ambulance driver and must to take your patient to the hospital as fast as you can. He needs an urgent surgery and his life is in your hands. Enjoy this amazing game!

  • Hospital Manager
    Hospital Manager

    In this game you are the manager of the hospital and your patients are in need of medication. Buy medication and write prescriptions to sick people who needs your help.

  • Doctor Zed
    Doctor Zed

    After an unsuccessful experiment, houndreds of bacteria have escaped from the laborator. In this game you must help doctor Zed to kill all germs and bacteria.

  • Dress Up Nurse
    Dress Up Nurse

    This beautiful nurse is waiting for you to dress up her and get ready for the game where she will save the animals. Play this dress up game now!

  • Arm Surgery 2
    Arm Surgery 2

    Your patient needs an arm surgery and you will do this. Help the others doctors to save patient's arm. Follow the nurse instructions in this instructive game.

  • Heart Surgery
    Heart Surgery

    This patient needs this surgery very fast. Enter the surgery room and with other surgeons and save his life. This game will learn you important things about the heart surgery.

  • Save the Patient
    Save the Patient

    In this doctors in surgery game you have to save your patient's life. Use tools on the tray and move them with your mouse; try to kill all the bacteria in the patient.

  • Clinic Escape
    Clinic Escape

    By mistake you are a prisoner in insane hospital and now you must to get rid of crazy doctors. Trow with different objects in crazy doctors and and other patients in your try to escape.

  • Dark Cut 2
    Dark Cut 2

    A new game from Dark Cut series. It's a game with bluntly surgery, without anesthesia, in war conditions and with poor medical tools. Very explicit game.

  • Dark Cut 3
    Dark Cut 3

    The latest surgery game from Dark Cut. Now you have to heal members of your genealogic tree, and you fight against time, so can you do this, doctor?

  • Virtual Hip Surgery
    Virtual Hip Surgery

    In this game you have to operate a patient who suffered a huge blow to the hip, and now must be healed. Follow the instructions of the game and save patient's leg.

  • Plastic Sugery Michael
    Plastic Surgery Michael

    Michael wants a new plastic surgery. You can change his eyes, nose or mouth, try to make him a better look, to be ready for the coming show.

  • Organ Transplant
    Organ Transplant

    This patient need an organ transplant, and you have to put the new organs in his body. Be careful and choose the right place for each organ in his body.

  • Flu Epidemic
    Flu Epidemic

    A new type of an epidemic virus sweeps through the world and infect more and more people, you have to identify and treat sick people. Fight against the epidemy in this game.

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